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The locotractors



Deutz diesel locotractor, type OMZ 117
Construction Deutz, 1932.
The company has three, two (Nos. 1 and 2) yet operational. The number 1 is used to train Intervention Fire (see below) and No. 2 is mainly used to train the Wagon-Bar (see photo). The number 3 is exposed in front of he Tourist Office in Bourcefranc




Ruston locotractor, diesel 44 hp 3-cylinder
Unknown construction date. Built in Great Britain for the operation of mining networks. Its size and narrow low-rise still shows its mining origin.
The company owns two of which only one is still in use today, the No. 5. The other, No. 4, is exposed at the entrance of Oleron, island at the end of the viaduct on land belonging to the STTST.
Features: Lincoln 44 hp diesel engine, mechanical transmission box semi-automatic 3-speed and reverse, very flexible, this machine is particularly popular for switching to the depot



Billard locotractor type T75P
Construction: Etablissements Billiard in Tours, manufactured between 1937 and 1960 for military and industrial markets. They have been recovered in various places, including the brick maufacture of La Rochefoucauld (Charente), and sand quarries of Bourron-Marlotte (Seine et Marne). But their manufacturer had designed them for the famous Maginot Line where they officiated first place.







Locotractor Faur LH 18

Arrived on the network on July 9, 2008, the two locotractors are representative of a major serie produced in Romania by the Faur factory in Bucarest..
Machines with three axles, they were built in 1984 (No. 24963 and No. 24964) and delivered to the new industrial complex "Kombinat VEB Mansfeld August Bebel Hütte" located in Helbra (ex Eastern Germany) where they were registered respectively L18H - and L18H 005 - 006. On this metric gauge network, these machines were used for the removal of the heaps of slag from copper coming from melting until 1990, when the plant closed.






Steam Locomotive "Deutsche FeldBahn" (DFB) 040 Krauss 1918, 125 hp
Machine currently stored and not in working order, of German origin. Its coal firing prohibits the use in the forest of Saint-Trojan due to fire risk too high. The STTST is studying the possibility of replacing the heating coal by a gas heater that would eliminate the risk of fire in maintaining the charm of steam




Railcar X-AT3 Decauville-Crochat
The Crochat-Decauville was recovered in a wreck in 1997.
We wanted to "save" it, but we could not rebuild it until now.
Thru a partnership with the Lycée Bernard Palissy of Saintes (17), we can hope for a re-start within 2 years. It is primarily an educational project for students in electrical BTS

The coaches

Railcar trailer XR AT3
The original station having been destroyed on the night of 5 to 6 July, 1997, the idea came to stay in the same rail note to get a ticket house on "wheels"!
It had several advantages: the cash back every night to avoid a mishap as before, to have the accounting data of the day at hand and more to anticipate the future train railcar with its trailer.






IS "Prestige" car, "closed" type, a replica of IS Decauville
Currently two in number, the closed cars of the Prestige train were designed in 1999 on an original idea of Paul Gala and Dominique Regnault-Compain. It was originally a concept created for the STTST mixing the modern and the old styles. The idea was to get modern cars in their construction, fully enclosed, close in style and spirit to what the cars of the Economiques de Charente were.


KE covered car, original version
Those cars, replicas of ancient KE Decauville used on the old network of Royan to Ronce-les-Bains, were built in 1963 by STTST, based on Koppel chassis and bogies of 1914 and 1916

Modernized KE covered car
They are the cars commonly used on the network. Replicas of the previous Decauville



Multiservices car (also known as "mixed")
The requests for transportation of disabled persons, forced us to "rethink" our concept, of which the construction of a new car model accessible to wheelchairs as well as strollers for children




KE discovery car
This car model was designed by the STTST from the model of the KE covered car. This is a car called "short" (32 seats), it exists in two copies (one green and one blue), identical to the KE classic cars, but without roof. Very much appreciated for their panoramic design, they are however reserved for the sunshine lovers, and prohibited on rainy days!

The Wagons






The Wagon-bar is a creation of STTST. Built in 1996 by the STTST workshops of Prévent, it replaced the old car scrapped that same year. Annex of the Buffet de la Gare, the Wagon-Bar is used from mid-June to mid-September in Maumusson station. It is driven there every morning and back every evening from the filing of Prévent by the Deutz loco No. 2. In September, the bar car is generally returned in the evening at the tail of the last passenger train, the HLP Deutz returning around 13 h 00.




Fire Intervention Deutz-Bernard
Fire car which replaced the tracked vehicle. Bernard pump unit with dispensers water hoses. Intended to intervene in fire starts near the road, by waiting for the county emergency vehicles.
Traction is provided by the locotractor Deutz No. 1, first to be put into service on the Network in 1963




Sand Sails carrier car
The beach of Maumusson is perfect at low tide for the exercise of a particular sport: sand sailing.
We had a convention with the society "Oléron Chars à Voile" in 2002 (See "Partners").
You can go directly to the site in joining the "Partners" section.


Flatcars carrying rails
This car coming from the chassis of an old KE car in the 1970’s, now serves for the transportation of rails on site for renewal.



15 KVA Generator Wagon
Diesel Generator 15 KVA providing AC electricity, 127 or 220 volts, mounted on a 2 axles platform.
Peugeot Diesel engine 203 type
Aircraft electrical equipment MEA type DEA

Old fire engine

Chenillette "Loyd-Carrier"
Old "fire" engine that was rehabilitated in its original military version.
Assigned to the association MVCG Southwest

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